What is a sigh? A sublime moment of joy? An emotional memory? An acknowledgement of the universe’s paradoxes? A sigh is all of this, and more.

“insigh” is a new word for insight with emotion.

insigh Magazine has a reflective approach, where life merges seamlessly with innovation and creativity. Where revelation nurtures revolution. And where you are invited to momentarily immerse yourself in sight and sound composed by accomplished writers, performers, and artists.

insigh Magazine is a communion of expression and emotional connections. Here, you may experience a new paradigm of thought or living. Seeking a refuge from the cacophony of political conflict, a MAssage rather than a MEssage? insigh offers human and humane solutions as a refreshing mind stimulant.

We are presently seeking contributors for articles and the magazine site at www.insigh.com will go live on May 1, 2017.

We welcome you into an insigh experience!

John Elliott